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The International Code Council (ICC) was established in 1994 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing a single set of comprehensive and coordinated national model construction codes. The founders of the ICC are Building Officials and Code Administrators International, Inc. (BOCA), International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO), and Southern Building Code Congress International, Inc. (SBCCI). Since the early part of the last century, these nonprofit organizations developed the three separate sets of model codes used throughout the United States. Although regional code development has been effective and responsive to our country’s needs, the time came for a single set of codes. The nation’s three model code groups responded by creating the International Code Council and by developing codes without regional limitations the International Codes.

Construction in Southern California is booming, which is leading to increased demand for qualified inspectors. IF YOU ARE THINKING OF GETTING ICC CERTIFIED, YOU NEED TO TALK TO US. We have put together one of the best, if not the best, programs in Southern California. No other school that we know of can match our record of success in getting students prepared to become employable Inspectors and passing the very demanding ICC Certification test.

The goal of the Building Inspection program offered by CSLC is to provide the necessary training and education to prepare students to become certified inspectors through the International Code Council (ICC), which is recognized as the premier building code organization.

There are many areas of specialization and certification available to building inspectors; the more areas an inspector is qualified for, the more desirable he/she becomes to employers. CSLC’s Building Inspection Program offers the general building inspection course that is the foundation of the program, plus the following ICC specialty courses:

• Plumbing
• Mechanical
• Residential Electrical
• Commercial Electrical
• Combination Dwelling

For those professionals who want to become more advanced in this field, we also offer training to become certified as an ICC Special Inspector. This program provides students with the general building inspection course, plus the following Special Inspector courses:

• Plans Examiner
• Structural Steel and Welding
• Structural Masonry
• Spray-Applied Fireproofing
• Reinforced Concrete

Both programs include a course in Blueprint Reading to give students the basic knowledge that is essential to be properly trained in these areas. The programs will teach students the intricacies and details of building inspection, and will also provide complete preparation and application processing for the ICC Building Inspection examination and certification. The course is taught by a working inspector with ICC certification and many years of experience in the field.

Length of Course:
The course consists of approx. 30 hours of class time taught over the course of six weeks with some weekday and weekend classes. Contact CSLC or click here to see when the next course is scheduled to begin.

Who Should Enroll In This Program?
- Contractors who desire to improve their building and estimating skills.

- Anyone wishing to work for a city as an inspector, or building inspectors who require certification as a condition of continued employment or advancement.

- Home inspectors who need familiarity with residential building codes and who want to expand into commercial building inspection.

- Those wishing to work for a city or lending institution dealing in construction financing.

What Does A Certified Building Inspector Do?
Their responsibilities include inspection of residential, commercial and industrial buildings during and after construction to enforce conformance to building, grading and zoning laws and approved plans, permits, specifications and standards. Most inspectors are typically employed by local government agencies and private inspection companies. California law now requires all local agencies to only hire Certified Inspectors into new or replacement positions as well as promotions from current positions.

To find out when the next class is scheduled to begin, go to Locations and Schedules.

Call us today to find out more details and how you can partner with CSLC to attain this valuable certification.