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If you're serious about getting your contractors license, I'll remove any roadblocks you think you might have. If your a bad test taker you have come to the right contractors school in Los Angeles. We work with our students helping them document their work experience to get their contractors license. I also specializes in qualifying students who have a record. We can expedite test dates. I do everything from helping you get licensed to business set-up. I do corporations and DBA's. We offer all contractors insurance and surety bonds.  If you need a general contractors license or a painting license or any other classification you have come to the right place. CSLC has a 6 week live class program that prepares you for your California contractor license exam. I also have the best home study program available. I offers competitive pricing and financing.  I have all the contractors license services you ever need in Los Angeles, California. Remember when no one else can help you get your license CSLC can. 

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Contractor Classifications and Getting Ready for the Contractors' Examination

If you are interested in taking the state licensing examination to be a contractor in the state of California, you must first decide what type of contractor you want to become. There are three classifications of contractors in California. These classifications are:

(A) General Engineering Contractors
(B) General Building Contractors
(C) Specialty Contractors

Contractor Classification Meanings

(A) General Engineering Contractors - These contractors are involved with fixed works that require the skill and knowledge of an engineer. Fixed works is work on real estate, real estate improvements or public works. These areas include everything from parks, shipyards, power plants, irrigation, drainage, water supply, railroads, highways, airports, pipelines, disposal plants and any other similar type of structure. It also includes excavating, ground leveling, grading, paving, and other similar activities as well.

(B) General Building Contractor - This type of contractor is involved with structures that have been built, is in the process of being built or is in the planning stages of being built to house people, animals, assets or movable property of any kind. The general building contractor can supervise the entire project or just a portion of the project, but the project has to involve two trades or crafts that are unrelated to each other. They can also take a contract to be the primary or subcontractor on jobs that involve framing or carpentry work. However, they cannot take a contract that involves well drilling, unless they also have a specialty contractors license.

(C) Specialty Contractor - These contractors work on projects that require special skills and the use of specialized building crafts and trades. This includes the servicing and the test of fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing systems or the installation of carpet, linoleum or resilient floor coverings.

How to Get Your General Building Contractors License

The Contractor State License Center can help you get the General Building Contractors license you need to start your own business or supervise projects for your current construction company. They can help you study for the exam either in a classroom environment or help you by supplying the books and materials you need to study on your own.

CSLC has worked with students since 1974 and have assisted hundreds of contractors in the Los Angeles area to obtain their state licenses. They offer competitive pricing and financing for the classes or study materials you need to take your licensing exam and be successful in becoming a contractor in California.

CSLC offers one on one tutoring to help you with areas that may need more attention on getting you ready to pass your contractors license state exam.  CSLC has worked with many contractors over the years and will create a program for you so you can be successful in moving forward in your career as a licensed contractor.

​Contractors State License Center is one of the leading contractor preparation schools in California.  We have been working with contractors and helping start their careers for many years. 

Call today for all of your contractor licensing needs. CSLC work be happy to answer any questions you may have. 
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